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Landlord/Tenant Matters

Our firm can assist both landlords and tenants in need of legal help and assistance. Check out articles related to this topic later in this page. Our services for landlords and tenants include the following and much more:

Landlord Services

Attorney Bagdoian can assist with …

  • Advice and Services to Establish Property Management Business
  • Lease Preparation and Review (residential and commercial)
  • Issues arising during tenancy such as:
    • assignment/ subleasing
    • maintenance and repair
    • code violations
    • personal injury or property damage claims and more
  • Evictions including those for non-payment of rent ‚Äúfor cause‚Äù
  • Criminal evictions under MG.L. c. 139 ¬ß19.

Tenant Services

Attorney Bagdoian can intervene for tenants in the following ways …

  • Lease Negotiation and Review
  • Advice and Representation on Issues Arising During Tenancy such as:
    • Security deposit violations
    • Failure to maintain in accordance with State Sanitary Code
    • Harassment
    • Nuisances
    • Retaliation
  • Defense of Evictions including:
    • for-cause evictions
    • post-foreclosure evictions
    • retaliatory evictions

Landlord/Tenant Matters

Advice for Landlords

Question: I’m a new landlord and want to rent out my upstairs apartment to local college students. I’m afraid they may trash the place. I want to take a large security deposit from each student. Can I? Answer: Massachusetts law permits a landlord to take one security deposit equal to one month’s rent from the […]